10 Minutes with 'Sick of Sarah' Interview

10 Minutes with 'Sick of Sarah' Interview

If you’re looking for some new music to get into this Spring, look no further than Sick of Sarah’s newest release, 2205. For those of you who may have not yet heard of them, Sick of Sarah is an all-female Minneapolis pop-punk band that’s quickly becoming a national name, and after hearing 2205, I can say the recognition is much deserved.

Abisha Uhl (lead vocals/guitar), Jessica Forsythe (drums), Katie Farmer (guitars and backup vocals), Jamie Holm (bass guitar/backup vocals), and Jessie Farmer (guitar/backup vocals)- AKA the girls of Sick of Sarah- are some of the most genuinely talented musicians around, and together they make a force to be reckoned with. Recently, I got a chance to catch up with Jessie, who took time out of touring to fill SheWired in on all things S.O.S. For more info on Sick of Sarah, check out their website.

First off, how do you all meet?

 We met through a mutual friend a long, long time ago. We’ve known each other for about seven years.

Why the name Sick of Sarah?

Abisha’s old roommate’s name was Sarah, and she came home really drunk one night. We had a lot of friends named Sarah back home, and she was like, ‘Everybody’s name is Sarah! I’m so sick of Sarah!’ and so a little light bulb went off in Abisha’s head and she said, ‘What do you guys think of Sick of Sarah?’ At first I didn’t really like it, but then I thought, ‘Oh wait, S.O.S. is everywhere’. So I thought, ‘Alright, it’ll grow on me!’

What were some of your influences started out? Both personally and as a band?

For me personally, my earlier influences were Joan Jett, Nirvana, Babes in Toyland- but with the girls it’s kind of all over the place. We’ve got some girl that are classic rockers, we’ve got some that are more hip-hop.

How would you describe Sick of Sarah’s sound?

I don’t know! I guess thoughtful pop rock music.

Your album 2205 was released at the beginning of February. What’s the story behind the title?

2205 is actually my house. We wrote and rehearsed most of the record in my basement. A lot of the band members have lived there, so it’s basically Sick of Sarah’s creative hub and a home base for us all.

Credit: Mike Minehart

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How would you describe 2205?

We kind of took a different approach with this record. We made it a little bit more vulnerable. When we wrote it we were really trying to connect with ourselves and create something that other people could relate to. 

How much would you say your sound has changed since your first album and 2205?

Well, we’ve got a different line up. We’ve got a new drummer. When we recorded our self-titled release, we’d just added Jamie --our bass player -- and so I feel like with this record we’ve just grown up a lot artistically and with each other.

Who have you toured with so far?

We’ve toured with The Bangles, we’ve toured with Girl in a Coma, we’ve toured with our sister label band Vanity Theft, The Action Design, Von Iva. We’ve also opened up for Joan Jett, and we’ve played with Blue October. We’re busy girls!

Have you had a favorite city so far?

Well, we liked Chicago a lot, New York, LA, Portland, and we like Austin.

What’s in the future of Sick of Sarah?

We’re all hoping for a very bright future. We want to keep touring and keep pushing the record and make everything as huge as we possibly can. 

Photos: Amber McDonald

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