Lucy Lawless Returns in 'Spartacus: Vengeance" Tonight!

Following the end of Spartacua: Blood and Sand, Lucy Lawless finds her character Lucretia in a new Spartacus series - Spartacus: Vengeance. Lawless says her character has lost some of the control she had in earlier seasons.
By: Josh Hinkle
January 27 2012 7:55 PM

Get ready for more of Lucy Lawless as Lucretia Spartacus: Vengeance, airing tongight on STARZ. 

Lawless, a favorite with lesbian fans since Xena, says of Lucretia in Vengeance that she has lost some of the control she had in earlier seasons.

"She's been so traumatized by the massacre of her husband, the loss of her unborn child, the loss of her home and status and presumably whatever had to happen to enable to her to survive," Lawless said in an interview with AfterElton. "She's living in this blood soaked house after all these months."

In case you have forgotten -- and who could?-- Lawless had a brief lesbian encounter in Season 1 of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Watch the video here.

While there's plenty for the girls to love in Spartacus: Vengeance there's also plenty for the boys with all the shirtless men with swords running around. 

Check out the trailer below:

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