Vote! 'Pretty Little Liars' The BetrAyal Countdown: And Please Marlene King - Don't Let it be Paige

Vote! 'Pretty Little Liars' The BetrAyal Countdown: And Please Marlene King - Don't Let it be Paige

Tonight marks the Summer Season Finale of ABC Family’s guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars. Last season’s finale revealed A to be Hanna’s BFF Mona (Mon-A?), but with a title like “The BetrAyal,” this finale will prove to be just as intriguing. It seems that this season’s new A is more than just a copycat, and could be part of a black-hooded group of masterminds -- an “A Team,” if you will. With the teasers promising the “ultimate betrayal,” Shewired has its own specul-A-tions. And yes, we are having too good of a time with the whole "A" thing.

Paige - After last week’s episode revealed Paige’s vendetta against all things Alison, she would seem to be the obvious choice. But don’t forget, Paige has come a long way since the whole trying to drown Emily thing went down; have we noticed the amount of cut-off band t-shirts that have suddenly entered her wardrobe? Still, with two of Emily’s ex love interests (Maya and Alison) six feet under her current girlfriend is not one to overlook.


Lucas - Mona has taught us that the most scorned can often be the most suspicious. Lucas, who Ali not-so-lovingly referred to as “Hermie Hermaphrodite,” has certainly brought suspicion upon himself. But is he a bona fide killer, or just misunderstood?


Ezra - I’m really trying to figure out why Ezra is NOT more of a suspect. Let’s look at the facts: he has thousands of dollars of cash stashed in his drawer; he goes by a (wildly unclever) pseudonym; he is currently involved in a relationship with a high school student; not to mention, anyone whose hair stays that immobile is definitely up to no good. Keep your eye on this one.


Caleb - Out of all the candidates, Caleb is the one we want to see betray the girls the least. His bad boy persona has been trumped by his super sweet affection toward Hanna, his computer savvy nerdiness, and of course, his willingness to help the girls take down A at all costs. Still, as our friend Ross von Metzke pointed out, you should never trust a boy with a bob haircut (they are always the bad kids). So by extention, Spencer’s mom may also be a prime suspect considering her bob cut. Were these the two in cahoots at the end of the last episode? Or are they too busy planning their next trip to Supercuts?


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Toby - While Toby has flown under the radar as of late he is still far and away the creepiest out of all the Liars’ love interests. Part Teen Wolf, part Cody Simpson, Toby may just have that deadly combination.


Byron - Is Byron a real suspect, or do we just want him to be? Aria’s dad has clearly lost his candidacy for Father of the Year, and has instead tried to earn his paternal stripes by popping into Aria’s room to ask her to make the occasional salad. Considering he’s already had an affair and donned some pretty questionable sweaters, I’m not sure how much more he could betray the Montgomery name.


Melissa - Melissa has been quiet lately, which, in the poorly-lit confines of the Hastings household, is never a good sign. We know she was in Alison’s room the night of her murder, and she’s got connections to all three members of the notorious N.A.T. club (engaged to Ian, dating Garrett, and half sisters with Jason). She also bears a striking resemblance to last season’s mysterious Black Swan. Shrouded in mystery, Melissa is a prime suspect.


Nate - Maya’s cousin Nate came out of nowhere and started hitting on his dead cousin’s girlfriend, which may not make him a killer, but it sure makes him shady as hell. The guy who’s been angling to get into Emily’s Speedo also has some anger issues as evidenced by his lashing out when rejected, once against Jenna and more recently against Emily.


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Not counting anyone out, we have to keep in mind that the betrayal could come from within. The relationship among the Liars has been anything but perfect, and as Mona has taught us, A likes to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. We’ll have to wait until tonight to see! The BetrAyal begins at 8 PM ET on ABC Family.