Listen: Kelly Clarkson's Gay Anthem 'People Like Us'

Listen: Kelly Clarkson's Gay Anthem 'People Like Us'

Gaga has “Born this Way,” P!nk’s got “Raise Your Glass” and Katy Perry’s got “Firework!” Now, Kelly Clarkson has her gay/queer/outcast anthem called “People Like Us," and JonAli blog has the first listen. 

“Hey, everybody loses it / Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes,” Kelly belts in the verse of her killer new song.  “Hey, I know what you’re going through / Don’t let it get the best of you / You’ll make it out alive...”

She goes on to sing, "We are all misfits living in a world on fire / Sing it for the people like us."

“People Like Us” is one of three new singles off of Kelly’s Greatest Hits – Chapter One, due out Nov. 19. She’s already tearing up the airwaves with her latest single “Catch My Breath.”

Here are a few more lyrics from Kelly’s paean to beautiful outcasts.

“They can’t do nothing to you /  They can’t do nothing to me / This is the life that we choose /  This is the life that we lead /  So throw your fists in the air / Come out, come out if you dare / Tonight we’re gonna dance forever.” 

Listen to "People Like Us" here. 

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