'Doctor Who's Interspecies Lesbian Couple Is Coming For Christmas

Meet Madame Vastra, Sirulian lesbian warrior queen and her "handmaiden" Jenny.
By: Sunnivie Brydum
November 16 2012 3:18 PM

Lady Whovians, rejoice! After a fan-fueled debut last season, Doctor Who's interspecies lesbian vigilante couple will return on the show's special Christmas episode, airing on BBC America on December 25. 

According to a press release from BBC, Silurian lesbian warrior queen Madame Vastra and her "cohort" — read: lover! — Jenny will return to the Who-niverse to bring some lady-love to the special episode, titled "The Snowmen." Of course, they'll probably also kick some serious ass, since when the couple aren't making use of Vastra's multiple-foot-long tongue (wink wink), they are vigilante crimefighters, after all. 

Get to know Vastra and Jenny, and see what the Doctor has up his sleeve in this preview:


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