Watch: Sneak Peek At 'The United States of God-des and She'

By: Sunnivie Brydum
November 28 2012 7:37 PM

Lesbian hip-hop soul duo God-des and She have been hard at work on their new album, The United States of God-des and She, which hits stores February 2, 2013. And just to whet our appetite — and perhaps a few other things, too — the fierce, outspoken pair just released a 15-minute sampler of tracks from the new album, mixed by DJ Kid Slyce. 

The mix opens with a sample of the album's title track, where God-des and She invite listeners to join the U.S.G.S., "where freedom and equality are actually real."

"I pledge allegiance to the silent majority / People just like you / Who believe in equality /  We are asking you to speak up / Against all the bigotry / We are asking you to join us / In the united states of God-des and She."

God-des and She are seasoned advocates for equality, with their unabashed lyrics proudly affirming their queer identities, and shooting a video for the nation's first lesbian super PAC, LPAC.

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