VOTE: SheWired's Out Woman of the Year 2012

2012, being the year of a national election and the Olympics, has been a big year for LGBTs in pop culture, politics and sports. Now SheWired would like to pay homage to the unabashedly out women who’ve moved visibility for queer women forward.
By: SheWired Editors
December 13 2012 2:22 PM

Rachel Maddow:

Anchoring election night coverage for MSNBC, Maddow was the first newscaster to announce that President Obama had won a second term. Her eponymous nightly program has frequently bested archrival Fox News in the ratings, and while she is up front about her liberal beliefs, on her show she argues her case elegantly and eloquently, backing it up with exhaustive research on LGBT issues, women’s rights, economic concerns, and foreign policy. This year she often called out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his tenuous relationship with facts and took down other politicians for untruths, and she continued to delight us with her “Moment of Geek” segment. The year also saw Maddow publish the book Drift, a much-praised critique of U.S. military spending, and receive the prestigious John Steinbeck Award, with Steinbeck’s son Tom calling her “a first-class observer and commentator.”

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