These Broads Made Me Laugh in 2012

These Broads Made Me Laugh in 2012

This year there was a lot of funny lady business. In fact, some may say we have peaked the maximum vagina capacity when it comes to women and comedy. Others disagree. I say you can never have enough labia laughs, and the funny women behind the year in yucks are with me on this. Let's take a gander at 2012 in videos, photos, memes, and uh, that's it. That's all comedy is now, right?

Kate McKinnon as Ellen

OK, we've known that Kate McKinnon is hilarious, but her Ellen impression was simultaneously off-the-wall and scary-good.

McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed

McKaylaMaroneNotImpressedx500 SHEWIRED

Gabby Douglas may have won our hearts and an Olympic gold medal, but her teammate McKayla Maroney made me cackle with her unimpressedness. She was so unimpressed, it took her to the Oval Office.

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Phyllis Diller

She died this year, but she was a pioneer for female comedians everywhere. So, here's something from her heyday in 1969, on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Texts From Hillary

TextsFromHillaryx500 SHEWIRED

I want to believe Texts From Hillary is how our outgoing Secretary of State really is: a badass on a plane with phone access, giving people The Business.

Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends

I mean, Gay Guys Will Marry Your Girlfriends was probably one of the most sound arguments for legalizing marriage equality ever, but this follow up basically doubles down on the premise.


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Pinterest Fail

BlueMoonMargaritax500 SHEWIRED

This year was definitely the year of Pinterest, the time-sucking never-ending combination of Better Homes and Gardens and Cosmo With! More! Photos! But the projects that you try from Pinterest often produce massive failures producing More! Four-Letter! Words. Thank you, Pinterest Fail for capturing our woes.

Shit Straight Girls Say to Lesbians

This meme was huge in 2011, but for whatever reason, we kept it going in 2012.

Wanda Sykes' Election Special on Logo
Wanda says it best:


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Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler

ChelseaHandlerSandraBullockx500 SHEWIRED

Chelsea Handler received a naked, wet, verbal smackdown from funny leading lady, Sandra Bullock.

Kid Songs with Cat Power

I'm 20 years older than these kids and Cat Power still scares me.

Binders Full of Women

BindersFullOfWomenx500 SHEWIRED

Remember that magical moment during that debate when Mitt Romney said, “I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?...And they brought us whole binders full of women”? Firing Jim Leher and Big Bird was pretty entertaining in that first debate, but looking to hire women who came in binders? Come on, Team Romney. That was an internet meme waiting to happen.


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Poehler and Fey: Golden Globes Duo

Not only are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler having stellar seasons on 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation, respectively, but they're even entertaining in a commercial for an awards show. They can do no wrong. Don't question it!

Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow

HeyGirlItsMaddowx500 SHEWIRED

I don't know if it's so healthy to be so in love with Rachel Maddow, but, look, we are, OK?! Gah, get out of my room!


Nurse Jackée

Paging Dr. Maaaaaarryyyy


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Tig Notaro's groundbreaking performance

TigNotaroLivex500 SHEWIRED

Earlier this year, Tig Notaro (a famously funny but non-controversial comic) opened up and told us EVERYTHING. Her set turned into one of the most lauded performances of the year, and you can listen to it here.

Real Housewives of Disney

You don't have to watch any of the real Real Housewives to love Kristen Wiig as hot-mess Cinderella.

Also, this:

Eccehomox500 SHEWIRED


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