4th Annual Down at Dinah: What the Celesbians and Celebs Are Packing

4th Annual Down at Dinah: What the Celesbians and Celebs Are Packing

The largest lesbian fest on the planet, The Dinah, is fast approaching, and as we here at SheWired are preparing to pack our bags with sunscreen (or spray tan), BDG tank tops, Mac Lip Glass and hydration tabs. We wondered what essentials all the celesbians and celebrities appearing at The Dinah are planning to pack in their bags, so we asked. Here are the essentials, according to the experts!  

Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries, performing at Dinah Pool Party Friday, April 5) 

CelebsKat 0

1. SPF, 
2. My iPod, 
3. My eyelashes, 
4. The bikini, 
5. And 4 sexy dancers

Haviland Stillwell (Unicorn Plan-It, Single Ladies


Photo Credit: Sabrina Bringuier

1. The Best Costume of the Day
2. Water & Gum (bring extra for pretty girls!)
3. Lip Gloss & sunscreen (bring extra for pretty girls!)
4. Amazing playlists, which include songs by Haviland Stillwell :-)
5. The funniest person you know

Keep up with Haviland at HavilandStillwell.com

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Kiyomi McCloskey (Hunter Valentine, The Real L Word

Celebskiyomi 1

Lauren Bedford Russell and Kiyomi 

1. Fully loaded iPod with all my favorite party songs/slow jams for the evening..
2. New sunglasses -- new shades always make you feel fresh. It's kind of like driving a new car.
3. Hot Oil - We always come from freezing cold NYC. I like to take advantage of my time in the sunshine
4. Toys - enough said..
5. White party outfit - we don't really wear much white, so this outfit takes some extra effort. 

Nikki Caster ( Cherry Bomb)



1. My girlfriend. Everything is more fun with her. 
2. My dancing shoes. I can't wait to do flip kicks off the walls, throw in a lil' Pop locking' and some Pelvic relations. 
3. A Uhaul, so a friend can use it. I'm a giver and I think nesting is healthy, be it five minutes or five years -- there's something good in it. 
4. Bikini + sunblock, so I can swagga to some summertime jams in the sun, polio style with my Dinahs. 
5. Water. Water. Water. So I can function happily nourished. 

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K. Rose (performing at Dinah's opening party Thursday April 4) 


1. Black leather jacket
2. Silver spray glitter
3. Go Pro camera
4. 3D glasses
5. Diamond studded water bottle

Lauren Bedford Russell (The Real L Word



1. Hangover cure (PreToxx or similar to get those electrolytes up!)
2. Small sunscreen you can carry around and re-apply. the sun in Palm Springs is STRONG. Small, because you will not want to go back up to your room for anything!
3. A few different swimsuits that are friend-approved (last year Sara B. had to dress me in her swimsuit because she didn't think mine was flattering enough!)
4. A good hotel room location near your friends (if you can, because its practically a big fun slumber party)
5. A great looking white outfit for the white party that isn't too hot, because everyone dresses up and dances all night!!

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Gloria Bigelow (Cherry Bomb


1. Niles -- my dog he never misses an opportunity to be surrounded by an animal loving lez!
2. Champagne -- for impromptu toast "to breast- cheers!"
3. Sunglasses -- to mask the judgment of strangers, as well as the circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.
4. Happy Music Playlist --helpful for pre-gaming and helping me to get out of bed after a long night.
5. My sense of humor -- cause there's so much to laugh at like girls way right of tipsy, Jackie Monahan in the comedy show, and lesbians arguing in public and because  I never leave home without it.

Katy Tiz (performing at Dinah's closing party April 7) 


1. Gatorade (hangover juice)
2. A blow up doll for photo bomb opportunities.
3. A tag around your neck that reads, " if found asleep in tree please return to..." 
4. The friend who A. Makes you always look sober B. does every dare you say, so that you remain innocent C. Thinks sleep is a form of weakness
5. Your teddy for the way home.

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Shannan Reeve (Cowgirl Up

Celebsshannan 0


1. Cowgirl Hat - A must have at any outing: you never know what article of clothing it might have to replace.
2. Whiskey - Marilyn said Diamonds, but I say Whiskey.
3. Lucky Dog Leather - "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." - Olympia Dukakis #Steel Magnolias (Nothing comes between a Cowgirl & her leather!)
4. Best Friend - and I mean a BEST friend -- someone who's not only there for the fun and games, but also well-equipped to hold your hair or to keep you from that dreaded "Coyote Ugly" morning.
5. iPad - capable of snapping, filming, tweeting, pinning, rocking (thank you Pandora). It’s informative, and the perfect excuse to get that special someone back to your room to cuddle up and watch OML, tello, or flip through photos of your perfect double Ds (Dinah Days -- duh, what were you thinking?!)

Rose Garcia (The Real L Word


1. Condoms
2. Coconut Water for re-hydration
3. Pineapples (self explanatory)
4. Business cards
5. My swag

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Jill Bennett (Hosting Dinah's inaugural poker tournament and film series) 


1. Cash.  Don't be cheap.  This is the Dinah, and it happens once a year.  Buy that girl a drink!
2. Some breath strips.  Self explanatory, but just in case: after partying all day, you want to lean in to kiss some hottie.  Take care of that mess before you do and you'll both be glad you did.  
3. A snack.  We know you've been starving yourself for weeks on end to prep for those pool parties, but once you get there, please eat.  You need something to soak up that Bud Lite, or it's gonna get ugly really quick.
4. Sunscreen.  While a nice healthy glow is sexy, looking like a handbag at 28 is tragic.
5. Your sense of humor. Watching the premiere of Second Shot at Dinah on Friday night won't be nearly as much fun if you don't all laugh.  See also dodgeball.  

Anjulie (performing at Dinah's Friday Pool Party) 

Anjulie 2012

1. Black eyeliner
2. Purple care bear
3. Vibrator
4. “Reality Bites” soundtrack
5. Headphones

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Dalila Ali Rajah (Cherry Bomb


1. Two bottles of Patron Silver
2. Spray-on sunscreen
3. A Beautifully European sense of personal space and lowered expectation of necessary clothing (ie. nude beaches on the Mediterranean). 
4. Dinah Trader Joe’s Care Package:  Water, Coconut Water, Smoked Turkey, Hummus, Tortilla Chips, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate, Homemade Trail mix of Almonds for protein and calcium and Dried Tart Cherries for melatonin (helps make the most of the little bit of sleep I get).  When I get too caught up to sit down and eat I grab a couple handfuls to tide me over. And, hand Sanitizer!
5. A yummy expectation of debauchery, salacious fun, and absolute Dinah MAGIC. I have some sort of magical experience every year that opens me up and lifts me up.

Abisha Uhl (Girl/Girl Scene)

Abisha Uhl 1

1. String Bikini (So my Big ole butt hangs out!)
2. FannyPack (packing it with candy)
3. Suntan Lotion
4. Smell goods (Stay Fresh)
5. My sweet shades (all 17 of them)

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