Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke Play Lesbians on 'Glee' Finale

It may be part of a storyline that involves a proposal. Beware, spoiler alert!
By: Diane Anderson-Minshall
April 15 2013 12:26 PM

According to E! News, Glee's gays — Kurt and Blaine — are about to get some awesome new friends on the Fox TV series' season finale. Patty Duke and out actor Meredith Baxter will play a "longtime firmly committed lesbian couple who have been together for 25 years," according to E!

The duo are TV legends: Baxter played the liberal boomer mom on 1980s-era Family Ties, while Oscar-winning Duke had her own series, The Patty Duke Show, before launching into more adult fare. E! News reports that the women will star in the finale then return as "part of the Glee family" as recurring characters next season.

Want more on their appearance? Then prepare for spoiler alerts.

The storyline, according to E!, revolves around Blaine who goes to a jewelry store to buy a ring with which to propose to Kurt. There he meets Duke and after some homo bonding, she and her partner offer to be mentors to the younger couple. Apparently, the recent Supreme Court cases have inspired the storyline and E! quotes one Glee insider describing the whole arc as "topical and sweet."

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