8 Actresses Who've Played Calamity Jane - Crack Shot, Sex Symbol and Queer Icon?

Earlier this week Ms. mag paid homage to Martha Jane Cannary Burke -- best known as Calamity Jane -- in honor of the famous frontierswoman’s 161st birthday (May 1st). That got us thinking about all of the actresses who’ve donned a holster, a fringed jacket, trousers and a hat to play crack shot Calamity Jane, long-time friend to Wild Bill Hickok. There's no other way to put it. A lot of really sexy actresses have played Calamity! From Deadwood’s Robin Weigert’s boozing, foul-mouthed brawler to Doris Day’s famously queer portrayal of her, here are all of the Calamity Jane’s we could think up.
By: Tracy E. Gilchrist
May 03 2013 4:47 PM
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