You’re Not Watching 'Orphan Black': 5 Reasons You’re Wrong

By: Rebekah Allen
August 12 2013 3:39 PM
Because I am a good friend, I have encouraged a dear pal of mine to start watching Orphan Black. Because I am a selfish friend, I’ve demanded to be there for every moment of it. I do understand, however, that most of you will not experience me showing up at your house (with snacks- I take TV night seriously) to hold your remote hostage until we’ve gone through this entire roller-coastery adventure together, so I’ll use my time here to attempt to convince you that if you’re not watching Orphan Black, you’re making a huge mistake. If you’ve already seen Orphan Black (the first season ended in June but it's out on DVD), watch it again. You know you want to and it’s actually better the second time around. Let’s face it, you’re all bummed you finished binge watching Orange is the New Black. There is hope, and her name is Tatiana Maslany. 
1. Tatiana Maslany 
It would be easy to make a joke here about how all five reasons I’m about to offer up here are Tatiana Maslany. I’m sure some other list has already done that. To be honest, it would be perfectly valid and insanely easy to write a thesis on Tatiana’s performance --why it’s the best on television in years (if not ever), and why the Emmys are rendered useless this year for not nominating her. If you’re completely unfamiliar with Orphan Black, it’s about a young woman, Sarah Manning, who discovers she’s one of many clones. Tatiana plays all of the clones with near flawless differentiation that’s so engrossing you’ll often forget she’s acting in a scene with herself about 50% of the time. When you do remember she’s acting in a scene with herself about 50% of the time, you’ll have to pause for a second and sit on your couch while you contemplate how one person can be so mind-blowingly talented. Get used to it, you’ll be doing this a lot. 
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