VOTE: Who's Your Favorite Couple of the Big Lesbian Summer of Love TV Season?

VOTE: Who's Your Favorite Couple of the Big Lesbian Summer of Love TV Season?

The television season between June and August of 2013 is bound to go down as the Sapphic Summer of Love with lady couples gracing the small screen across networks and new mediums from Netflix to ABC Family to CBS. There haven’t been this many lesbian couples on TV since The L Word’s heyday, and we hope it's just the beginning of the trend.  As the summer season winds down, with only a few of these shows still in the midst of their current run, it’s time to VOTE for your favorite couple of summer. From The Fosters’ Stef and Lena to Orphan Black’s Cosima and Delphine, there’s a couple for everyone! Check out the nominated couples and vote on the last page! 

Stef and Lena - The Fosters 


Couples really don’t get any better than The Fosters' moms Stef and Lena. Not only are they smart and sexy as a couple, but they’re selfless – raising a family of biological, adopted, and foster kids. Stef’s a cop and Lena’s a school principal – HOT! And Teri Polo (Stef) and Lena (Sherri Saum) could not bring more surefire chemistry to this enduring love story that culminated with a wedding this summer. They really are the best! 

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Cosima and Delphine - Orphan Black 


There are many chemistry puns to be explored when these two sexy scientists finally heat things up. Cosima the dreadlocked, pot-smoking science student clone, is just one of the seven characters the infinitely talented Tatiana Maslany portrays on the breakout sci-fi hit Orphan Black, and when she and Delphine are on screen together it’s so riveting that it makes us question our own boundaries between fantasy and reality. 

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Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black 

Admit it, you’re not cheering for Piper to end up with her boring but nice and safe fiancé Larry! Off again/on again couple Piper and Alex have a hell of a  spark, and the history to back it up. When things are firing just right for these sexy jailbirds you can cut the sexual tension with a toothbrush shank. 
Pam and Tara - True Blood 

The Tara and Pam love affair happening on True Blood is the hot-and-cold-war you'd expect of these two vampires, who'd like us to believe their hearts stopped pumping a long time ago. Pam is Tara's very unlikely "maker,"turning her into a vampire and creating a bond that goes well beyond creator-kin. Pam shows Tara how to be an upright vampire, and Tara shows her maker that love isn't a sign of weakness.

Emily and Paige - Pretty Little Liars 


Rosewood’s lady-loving Liar Emily Fields has had her fair share of girlfriends throughout PLL’s four seasons, but none has been as loyal, enduring and just plain sweet as her relationship with Paige (who’s come a long way from her early self-hating bullying days). Paily has had their share of heartache this season, but something tells us they’re each other’s lobsters. We fully anticipate these two will continue with their own brand of synchronized swimming for a long time to come.  

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Alice and Carolyn - Under the Dome 

The new smash CBS hit Under the Dome is whooping its competitors, in part because of the multitude of fictional Chester’s Mill’s motley characters. Few are as compelling as Alice (Samantha Mathis) and Carolyn (Aisha Hinds), a married, mixed-race lesbian couple with a teenage daughter who may hold the key to why the whole town has been trapped under that titular dome. Even better: these are power lesbians -- one is a big entertainment attorney, the other a successful psychiatrist. Big city women trapped in a small town, offering clear and subtextual social commentary on where the country is right now with issues like marriage equality. 

Piper and Crazy Eyes (Suzanne) - Orange is the New Black 


We know that Piper and her kind-of adorable stalker are not a real couple per se, but they are the most interesting dysfunctional “chocolate and vanilla swirl” of the OITNB group. From full-on poetic love confessions to some unsanitary fights, they have it all. You never know what’s coming next for these two. 

Bullet and Lyric - The Killing 


Bullet and Lyric’s relationship has always been very codependent. Tough-as-nails Bullet takes care of their physical well-being while Lyric’s sweet demeanor provides a safe haven for Bullet to be in touch with her sensitive inner self. Nothing makes us melt quite like a teenage tomboy who sews with dental floss.

Jenna and Shana - Pretty Little Liars 


While PLL’s writers have kept the audience in the dark as to the true nature of Jenna’s relationship with Shana, it’s clear that Shana has a deep, abiding love for the Liars’ ever-mysterious nemesis Jenna. And Jenna, who’s shown nary a care in the world for anyone but herself throughout the show’s four seasons, appears to truly care for Shana. Here’s hoping these two really get to let whatever flag they’re waving ripple in the wind. 

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Stahma and Kenya - Defiance 

In this post-apocalyptic Sy Fy series, humans and aliens struggle to live together, after war has brought on ecological and sociological ruin. And amidst all the cool cray cray is Jaime Murray as Stahma Tarr, one half of this (hopefully power) couple with bisexual tendencies. She plays an oppressed wife (of one of the least attractive men on TV, thank you) and a Castithan (the uber-patriarchal community in which women are supposed to serve men). Her lovely hookup is a human named Kenya Rosewater, who owns the local brothel and is played by The L Word’s Mia Kirshner. You can’t help but root for the duo to make it (whatever that means in Defiance land).