WATCH: Help This Lesbian Comic Travel the U.S. Researching 'Dykotomy'

What will the exes say about that time they dated a girl?
By: Jami Smith
September 20 2013 11:07 AM

Lesbian comedian Kristen Becker is trying to fund her next comedy tour on Kickstarter, and there are only three days left to raise the money. Becker is known for hitting the road with her troupe, Dykes of Hazard, bringing gay comedy to the more rural areas of America. This time, she's bringing a camera crew along for the ride.

The project is part comedy show, and part documentary on sexuality. All of Becker's ex-girlfriends, sprinkled throughout the country, are now married to men, and she wants to interview all of them for what she's calling "Dykotomy." 

"You're thinking there's no way that all of my exes are going to want to sit down and talk to me about old relationships," she points out in the video. "Actually, I found out that not only do they want to talk, they're rather excited to tell me all of the things I did wrong. And you get to laugh at it — at my expense, of course."

It's all in a day's work in the comedy business, but needless to say, Becker will need to have some pretty thick skin. Watch a video about the project below:

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