All Lesbians Secretly Desire Men!! - A 'The Kids Are All Right' Op-Ed

We Have to Stop Now executive producer and unabashed out lesbian Jill Bennett weighs in on The Kids are all Right: This, sadly, seems to be the message that every mainstream story involving lesbians seems to be sending.  Granted, I haven't seen The Kids Are All Right yet, but when I read that Julianne Moore's character sleeps with the sperm donor of her kids I just had to sigh... From all accounts, it's good...really good, Oscar buzz good.  And according to IndieWire, has had the the best specialty debut of 2010 in the box office.  I will see it, and perhaps I'll love it -- I probably will in fact.  I can still like the movie but be disappointed that it went down that particular road, as almost all of them seem to do.
By: jill bennett
July 13 2010 4:20 PM
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