BBC's Lesbian 'Lip Service' Does for Glasgow what 'The L Word' did for Weho!

BBC's Lesbian 'Lip Service' Does for Glasgow what 'The L Word' did for Weho!

Leave it to the Scots to provide the fix to lesbians worldwide who're still jonesing from The L Word. The new lesbian-themed show Lip Service is poised to make Glasgow-specifically Merchant City -- the it place on the northern UK map, according to The Daily Record.

"IT'S been dubbed the BBC's answer to The L Word and is set to do for Glasgow -- where it was filmed -- what Queer As Folk did for Manchester," according to the Daily Record. But we at SheWired like to think it will do for Glasgow what the L Word did for Weho--whatever that was.

Let's hope Lip Service, airing in the Spring on BBC3, is The L Word with loads more tartan everything, haggis and Chivas Scotch. It'll be much colder than a show set in Los Angeles, so we'll also keep our fingers crossed for plenty of hot sex under the duvet. Although, an "insider" told The Daily Record, "...It's not gratuitous. It's not going to show lesbians in a bad light. It's not all about bed-hopping sex antics."

Hold on. We don't necessarily want to be seen in a bad light but bed-hopping sex antics is a must. Let's petition now for the highly sexualized lesbian television drama.

The show’s writer Harriet Braun, who’s written for Hotel Babylon and Mistresses, said in an interview last November, "I loved The L Word but it's high time we saw some contemporary British lesbians, with all the bad weather, trips to the pub and repressed emotions that go with that. It will be as funny as it is pathos filled, because in my experience that's how life is."

That said, bring on the bad weather, babes and booze!

The lovely Florence Nightingale star Laura Fraser, who starred as a smoldering lez in the gay film fest fave Nina's Heavenly Delights, stars as Cat the architect.

Shelley Conn and Laura Fraser in Nina's Heavenly Delights

Singer and actress Heather Peace, who's starred in Coronation Street, and Bad Girls: The Musical, plays police sergeant Sam.

Considering my affinity for Le Corbusier and authoritative women with accents in uniform, Lip Service sounds like must-see viewing.

Heather Peace in The Chase


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Hot blonde, Ruta Gedmintas, who starred in Spooks and as Elizabeth Blounts, one of Henry VIII's pieces in The Tudors, will play Cat's ex Frankie.

Ruta Gedmintas

Rounding out the very sexy cast that won't be engaged in "bed-hopping antics" is The Palace's Fiona Button as Tess and Hollyoaks' Roxanne McKee, who steps into the pumps of Lou, a closeted daytime TV star.

Roxanne McKee

A source who chatted with the Daily Record says about Lip Service says, "It's far more like This Life in that it's five friends and how they help each other through various emotional dilemmas caused by relationships. You'll want to be part of this gang. They are good people to be around."

And with that we know it's no L Word. While Mia Kirshner committed to her role, it's axiomatic that Jenny Schecter was never "good people to be around."


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