Down at The Dinah: What The Celesbians and Celebs Will Be Packing

Down at The Dinah: What The Celesbians and Celebs Will Be Packing

The largest lesbian Dionysian fest, The Dinah, is fast approaching and as we here at SheWired are preparing to pack our bags with sunscreen (or spray tan), BDG tank tops and Mac Lip Glass to take to the Dinah we wondered what essentials all the celesbians and celebrities like Crystal Chappell are planning to pack in their bags! 

We polled the celesbians who'll be attending The Dinah, and here are the items on their lists of needs for big weekend!


Whitney Mixter (The Real L Word):

1.  Bathing suits - pretty much my attire the entire trip
2.  Sunglasses - the nights are long and the days are're gonna need em.
3.  Friends - its aaaaalways the more the merrier at Dinah so pack as many into your car as you can get.
4. Lotion with at least a little SPF - I'm all about a tan but its Palm Springs and that sun is serious. Stay moisturized....and HYDRATED!
5. Your "A" game - There's thousands of girls there, most of which you've never met....need I say more?


Crystal Chappell (Guiding Light, Venice):

1. My Chastity Belt
2. Chapstick
3. Sun Tan Oil
4. My Peace Thong
5. A Hand Towel


Romi Klinger (The Real L Word):

1. Body oil spray
2. Running shoes
3. Waterproof mascara
4. Baithing suit
5. Wesc sunglasses!


Noreen (BG5):

Taking my 4 hot beach girls with me and our music!


Nat Garcia (Auto-Natic, More to L - online correspondent of The Real L Word):

1. Fake Mustache
2. Coconut water, must stay hydrated!
3. Aloe, smooth over your sunburns.
4. Sharpie, you never know when you may want to write down a number on your body. Phones are over rated.
5. A major credit card...

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Suzanne Westenhoefer (comic):

1. Cell phone to find friends that are standing beside you but you can't see through the crowds of women
2. Extra panties
3. A good attitude
4. Sunblock to share
5. Prom dress


Bridget McManus (Cowgirl Up, That Time of the Month, Brunch With Bridget)

1.  My wife.  (Safety in numbers)
2. Advil and lots of it.  The best thing about Advil is it's great for hangovers and for an injured groin.  When I dance I dance hard!
3. Tons of cash.  Especially $1 bills to tip the staff and the "dancers."
4. Bring your sense of humor.  You might see some naked women who shouldn't be naked or witness your friend making out with someone they wouldn't if they weren't at the Dinah but it's all in good fun so get ready to laugh.
5. Ear plugs. If you attempt to get some sleep over the weekend you'll need ear plugs because some women don't know when to stop fighting in the hallway and shut off the Tegan and Sara.

Rose Garcia (The Real L Word):

1. A beer bong =)
2. A life vest, because I don't know how to swim. The pools are deep.
3. Ear plugs - my room is next to Whitney's.
4. A pack of white t-shirts for the wet t shirt contest I will be privately hosting after the pool party in my hotel bathroom :)
5. Another phone cause of all the numbers I will be getting.


Briana Stockton (Work Out, Advanced PE):

1. Fernet
2. Coconut water
3. Lip gloss
4. Toothbrush
5. Phone charger


Luciana (singer, performing at The Dinah's Hollywood Party):

1. Lip gloss.
2. PG Tips (tea bags).
3. Leotard and 6 inch stilleto heels.
4. She pee!
5. Venus lady shave.
6. Trapeze
7. Jackie Stalllone poster
8. Meatball sandwich
9. A MAN......LOL!!


Auburn (singer, performing at The Dinah's Friday pool party):

1. Laptop
2. Blackberry
3. Candy
4. Beats by Dr. Dre
5. My Bible

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Fernanda Rocha (Real Housewives):

1. Bikini
2. Dresses
3. Music
4. My best dance moves
5. Great attitude


Fortune Feimster (Chelsea Lately):

1. A leotard (I never leave home without one)
2. A pair of sunglasses (that way no one ever catches me looking at their boobs)
3. A protein bar (because I clearly take good care of my body)
4. A tool kit (just in case there's an emergency, and it makes me feel like a real lesbian)
5. A cheeseburger (I'm gonna get real hungry after that protein bar)


Mariah Hanson (Founder and producer of The Dinah):

1. Chill attitude
2. Koozie
3. Tooth brush
4. Green M&M's
5. "A" game


Kissa Jo (The Lovers and Friends Show):

1. A camera to document the debauchery.
2. Phone to store the numbers lol
3. A bikini
4. A pain relief med to help with the hangover
5. Joe Jackson= patron, grand marnier, and lime juice 


Nancylee Myatt (producer, South of Nowhere and Cowgirl Up):

1. Kodi Kitchen 
2. Nicole Travolta
3. Maribeth Monroe
4. Niki Lindgren
5. Shannan Leigh Reeve

Basically the stars of Cowgirl UP


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