Jennifer Beals' Book: Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Lesbian Drama 'The L Word'

Jennifer Beals' Book: Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Lesbian Drama 'The L Word'

Do you secretly wish you could have been part of the cast of The L Word? Well, dreams can come true thanks to Jennifer Beals and her camera.

The actress we know and love as Bette Porter from the groundbreaking Showtime lesbian drama has captured behind-the-scenes moments from the show and will be publishing the photos in The L Word Book, due out in December.

Fans of the show can custom-order the book to include photos of themselves, family, friends and even pets for a personalized experience with Bette, Tina (Laurel Holloman), Shane (Kate Moennig), Alice (Leisha Hailey), Dana (Erin Daniels), Jenny (Mia Kirshner) and scores of other actresses who spent time on the set.

Beals began creating photo books as gifts to the cast and crew of projects that were "near and dear" to her heart, and realized when she began making The L Word Book that "this wouldn't be like the others," she says on  "The L Word was about the power of storytelling. And it was particularly unique because there were two streams of stories being told. Clearly we were telling your stories, but in some way we were telling our stories – the story of a group of colleagues who became friends while endeavoring to make something worthwhile.

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"Somewhere along the line there was a kind of convergence," she continues. "Somewhere underneath the plotlines of The L Word ran our own stories of friendship and struggle. These photographs evoke the various bonds and battles we as a cast endured."

A handful of images of the book are available on the, including Moennig looking hot in a bra while having her makeup done; Holloman showing off her very pregnant belly, cast table reads and more.

Proceeds from book sales will go to some of Beals' favorite charities including the Matthew Shepard Foundation, Kirshner's I Live Here Projects and the Pablove Foundation.

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