Kristanna Loken Opens Up About Failed Marriage and New Girlfriend

Kristanna Loken Opens Up About Failed Marriage and New Girlfriend

Openly bisexual actress Kristanna Loken announced this week she has separated from husband Noah Danby and has been in a relationship with a woman for the past seven months. Calling it "love at first sight," Loken said she met her new love at - where else? - the gym.

Last year, Loken, whose The L Word character famously bedded Kate Moennig's Shane, announced her engagement to her Painkiller Jane costar and boyfriend Noah Danby. The couple, which had been together two and a half years, married in May 2008. Just when she was settling into the "conventional lifestyle," however, Loken found herself longing for the "road less traveled."

In an interview with, Loken said she felt pressure in her family to "be the one who has the big wedding and the picket fence," but had to come to terms with making her own choices and not trying to fulfill the expectations of others. After doing some soul-searching, Loken decided to separate from husband Noah Danby.

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Loken had previously made a splash when she alluded to an affair with her BloodRayne costar Michelle Rodriguez several years ago.

The statuesque beauty wasn't alone for long after leaving Danby however. Loken says she fell in love with her new girlfriend - a personal trainer - pretty much at first sight. The relationship spawned from a training session at the gym, Loken says, and "just kind of went from there."


Loken said she wanted to be honest come out publicly about the breakdown of her marriage and her new relationship because she wanted the truth to be known and avoid tabloid gossip and speculation.

Fans will be happy to hear the actress has several new projects coming up, including a sequel to BloodRayne and a parallel universe film called Tribes of October.


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