Steamiest Lesbian Sex Scenes Ever in �Room in Rome�

Steamiest Lesbian Sex Scenes Ever in �Room in Rome�

We may not completley be able to ascertain what Room in Rome is about, but we want in that tub!

Renowned Spanish Director Julio Medem (Sex and Lucia) newest film, Havitacion en Roma’s just released trailer has lesbian film fans worked into frenzy, with damn good reason. Click here to see the NSFW trailer.

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Inspired by a Chilean movie En la Cama, Medem chose to re-imagine the story with two women playing the hotel room lovers rather than a male and female as in the original. The result, Medem’s first English-speaking film, is a provocative and passionate affair between a Spanish woman played by Elena Anaya and a Russian Natasha Yarovenko who can’t resist the indomitable attraction between them. From the looks of the trailer, the two sexy stars share immeasurable chemistry and a soak in the tub so sexy—there’s no way it could be considered clean. But, is it true love or a one-night-only affair between two foreign strangers?

No official release date has been set for the States, but here’s hoping!

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