The Stuff of Gay Girls' Dreams: Streep and Bullock Kiss at Critics' Choice Awards!

The Stuff of Gay Girls' Dreams: Streep and Bullock Kiss at Critics' Choice Awards!

My little lesbian dreams came true Friday night when America's perennial sweetheart Sandra Bullock and the greatest living actress Meryl Streep lip locked during their tie for at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. 

The faves tied for Best Actress, Streep for portraying the gastronomic genius Julia Child in Julie and Julia and Bullock for her conservative Texan housewife who reaches out to a disenfranchised budding football star in The Blind Side.

Streep took the podium first saying, "I love acting and I love to work and I love food and I love sex - so did Julia Child, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. I want to thank the embarrassingly gifted Stanley Tucci - he knows why. And we're so lucky to do what we do and to give back and I hope we all do it this week. I'm really very grateful."



Ms. Meryl finished her speech and then Bullock's name was announced. Sandy B., as we at SheWired inappropriately familiarly refer to her, approached the podium jokingly shouting, "This is bullshit."

And then it happened. Meryl and Sandy hugged and kissed open mouthed -- as if in the dreams of lesbians of a certain age worldwide.


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Sandy B., who's developed a rep for being quite the off-the-cuff funny lady at this sort of event, used the tie with Streep as a jumping off point for some funny dialogue.



This is an honor. This one right here [Streep] inspired me to do everything better. To the critics - I bet you never saw this coming and you might never again." She added, "My agent ... you have a hard time finding me work, 'cause I don't want to leave home 'cause I love food and sex. We're so lucky to be here tonight when so many are in pain. I don't know what to say, but Meryl's a great kisser."

There is tell of elusive video of this happy moment, however, like a unicorn, it has yet to be seen. It's not working on the MTV website and it's not on youtube due to f***ing copyright laws. Pshaw.


Update, here is the link to Sandy's speech. Thanks SheWired reader "Imthey" for the link. It's a quick smooch, but still....


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