'Who's Afraid Of Vagina Wolf?' A New Lesbian Dark Comedy

'Who's Afraid Of Vagina Wolf?' A New Lesbian Dark Comedy

Filmmaker Anna Margarita Albelo (Hooters) is at it again, and she needs your help to get her latest project Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?  (yes, it says vagina – not Virginia) underway.

So, if you enjoy independent films by and about women, and films with strong, multi-dimensional queer characters, and love getting all kinds of unbelievably cool gifts – including posters signed by the whole cast, private screening parties, or even your own credit on IMDB (see details for all donation levels here) - consider making a contribution to Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? - directed by Albelo, written by Michael Urban (Saved) and produced by Steakhaus Productions (By Hook or By Crook, Weather Girl).

If you aren’t quite convinced, check out this note from Anna Margarita Albelo and the rest of the Wolf Pack - which (as of publishing time) includes Guinevere Turner (The L Word, American Psycho, Go Fish), Tammy Lynn Michaels (Popular), Whitney Mixter (The Real L Word), Hen Yanni (Israel), Bridget McManus (McManusland), and Joel Michaely (Rules of Attraction, But I’m a Cheerleader) – for more information on the film, and also be sure to visit the Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? website!


Dear Friends,

The first time I saw the film Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? I’d pause the VCR and run to the kitchen to make jugs of ice tea so I could follow George and Martha, gulp by gulp, as they drank, fought and articulately tore their guests and each other apart. I loved the film because I thought it was about failure. It reassured me that even if I turned out to be the biggest loser in the world, there would still be someone who, despite it all, would love me. More than twenty years later I realized that love starts with ourselves, our family, our friends, our passions…

With my talented cast and crew I am excited to start production in Los Angeles this July 2011 on a project that encompasses my earliest inspirations and my passion for storytelling. My film is a semi-autobiographical examination of one woman’s midlife crisis, her nervous break down, and her coming of age… It’s a dark comedy written by award-winning screenwriter, Michael Urban, co-writer of Saved!

The Logline: The day after her 40th birthday Anna, a filmmaker who’s sacrificed her love life for her film career, realizes she has neither and so decides to embark on filming an all-female parody of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. This last-ditch effort, intended to jumpstart Anna’s career and in the process win the affections of the beguiling actress/artist Katia, becomes a massive undertaking filled with the highs and lows of a bitter-sweet life.

To make this film, we need your help. We need to raise $25,000 in order to begin production this summer! Funds finance location fees, equipment rental, trucks, crew, not to mention craft services!
Donations large and small will earn generous prizes from film memorabilia and screening passes to dates with members of the cast (we checked, it’s legal). And of course, the eternal gratitude of a group of people who are extremely passionate about this project.

Anna and the Wolf Pack!

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