Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

Wonder Woman is trading in her trademark lycra to sport a more conservative, yet sexy, look in the upcoming comic book issue No. 600, ABC News is reporting. 

She will appear dressed in sleek black pants and a harder leather biker jacket.  Don’t mess with Wonder Woman, she’s more powerful and confident than ever. Bad guys (and girls...) beware!   

"She still is supposed to be sexy," said Jim Lee, the longtime artist who created her new look.  "You want to keep the ideals of who Wonder Woman is. She's sexy, she's strong, she's powerful and she's this princess at the same time. But you want her to be a superhero that is taking on the most evil threats the world has seen, from demons to armies. You want to have a costume that speaks of that kind of ability and power."

Wonder Woman first appeared in 1941, wearing a knee-length skirt, a real sign of the times.  As the sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement spread nationwide, the artist’s gradually shrank her costume to hot pants donning the red, white and blue. 

According to ABC, DC Comic’s Jim Lee says fans upset about the new look should try to look at it through the character’s eyes. "If you or I were wearing the Wonder Woman costume, we'd be very aware we were wearing it, you know, essentially a swimsuit, fighting crime. So we created a costume that is essentially more functional, more protective," said Lee.

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