WATCH: Adorable Lesbians Tell Us 'How Not to Ask a Lesbian Out' and More... 

Relationship advice does not get cuter than this!
By: SheWired Editors
January 06 2014 4:03 PM

Our favorite YouTube worlds have collided! Bria and Chrissy, whom we’ve dubbed the adorable singing girlfriends, teamed up Arielle Scarcella -- Brooklyn-based YouTube personality and de facto excavator of the lesbian experience with her comedic and insightful series “Lesbians Explain…” – to help promote the new lesbian meet-up app Wing Ma’am.

Arielle joins Bria and Chrissy on their channel for the comically instructional video “How Not To Ask a Lesbian Out,” while the girlfriends grace Arielle with their presence on “10 Mistakes All Lesbians Make!”

Relationship advice doesn’t get cuter than this!

“How Not To Ask a Lesbian Out”

“10 Mistakes All Lesbians Make” 

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