5 MORE of the Cutest Lesbian And Gay Internet Couples!

They show you everything from their fights, to their proposals.
By: Arielle Scarcella
March 24 2014 2:11 PM


Last week you guys really enjoyed our first batch of Top LGBT YouTube Couples. So we are back with 5 more beautiful, funny and inspiring couples! 

It's an interesting icebreaker saying that over 100,000 people saw you and your ex breakup. I call it "couples-vlogging." It's been a thing on YouTube since 2010 ish...but only got really popular last year. If you have a girlfriend, you better be recording it for all of the world to see. Some do it for fun and some know the loyal fandoms / shippers that come with the territory. In saying that, it can go REALLY well, or REALLY bad. I've seen more lesbian and gay couple channels pop-up and then die out after the break-up than I can count on two hands. And some of them (which are good friends of mine) are still doing incredibly well. Here are five more of those couples! 

Amber and Kiarra YouTube.com/AmbersCloset33

This adorable stem / femme couple rakes in the views by doing fun challenge videos, couples vlogging and lgbt topics. Based in LA, these two are together for over a year and going strong.

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