5 Times We Stopped Eating Cheese & Sort of Paid Attention on Super Bowl Sunday

A lot of cheese was consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, and some beer. There were a few times we stopped stuffing our pie holes and actually paid attention.
By: SheWired Editors
February 03 2014 3:35 PM

There are those of us at SheWired who are sports types and those of us who aren’t. For those of us who failed to pay much attention to the Seahawks slaughter the Broncos during Sunday's Super Bowl, we did stop shoving cheddar, manchengo, havarti, and pub cheese down our gullets long enough to pay attention to a few gem-like moments (Bruno Mars not withstanding. He was great). Here are a few outstanding moments that made us stop eating cheese! 



Queen Latifah’s Gorgeous Rendition of  “America the Beautiful”

The Puppy Bowl

Puppies frolicking. We couldn’t get enough.

Scarlett Johannson’s Soda Stream Commercial

Grammar Girl notes that Soda Stream goofed on grammar with its Scar-Jo Super Bowl commercial, but really, was anyone actually paying attention to what she said? We weren’t. 

The Kitty Half Time (Duh)

Uh, kitties frolicking is the cutest. 

Ellen’s Beats Commercial

Ellen dances with bears in her Beats Super Bowl commercial and it’s funny. The end.

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