Tips For The Dinah: Getting The Best From The Bartender

Tips For The Dinah: Getting The Best From The Bartender

Your bartender is the key to a good drinking experience, especially during The Dinah, when lines can be long and those hot ladies are exhausted. Besides delivering your favorite beverage, they're also the peeps who will either call you a cab or call the police when you've had one cocktail too many.

So be nice to them, and refer to these tips when engaging in good bartender diplomacy.

Getting Their Attention:

Snapping your fingers, whistling or waving money won't work. In fact, it's rude and most bartenders will ignore you. Our advice? Smile, give him a nice wave or nod, and be patient. You're at a bar to get out and socialize, not stand there looking irritated and impatient.

In a rush? Look for the bartender who's quickly and efficiently dealing with customers. You can also scan the crowd for shot girls or wait staff who will get you a drink.

You Better Tip:

Almost all bartenders live off of tips. While tipping well isn't guaranteed to get you better service, failing to tip well is guaranteed to get you mediocre service and a weak second drink. Tip 20% or $1 per drink (whichever is more) at a minimum. If the bartender is a friend or someone you want to make an impression on, double the tip.

If you order something that requires extra time and effort, or you are particularly pleased with how heavy he poured the alcohol, tip more. It's okay to go back and give the bartender an extra tip after you're done.

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Running On Empty:

If you're a cash-strapped college student and can't afford to tip, don't just slink off with your drink. Thank them and apologize for the weak tip. Don't promise to catch them next time unless you actually plan to do so.

The Bartender Is Your Friend:

Your bartender is not just someone who's slinging booze so you can get drunk. Talk to her, say "please" and "thank you," and when appropriate (as in, when it's not busy) ask her name. They can steer you the right way on specials, ways to get more bang for your buck, and how to try new and exciting things (we mean drinks, Dirty Bird!).

Ask For Advice:

You're at the bar or club to enjoy yourself and socialize. Well, a bartender is your cruise director. So listen to her advice when it comes to checking out the ladies, where to go later in the evening, or when to stop drinking.

Getting The Hook-Up (Drinks, That Is):

Sometimes a bartender will give you a drink on the house (often referred to as “comping” or “buybacks”). When it happens, thank and tip her or you’ll quickly be off the guest list.

What are some key ways to score free drinks?

•Being a regular

•Tipping well

•Being friendly

•NOT asking for it

•NOT expecting a free drink

•NOT pushing for a drink (free or otherwise) when they’re busy

If you think you're the bell of the ball, or that they “owe” you one, keep in mind that you're asking the bartender to do something that could get him reprimanded or fired. How would you feel if someone came into your business and expected something for free?

Bad Behavior:

Some things should go without saying, but for the common-sense-impaired:

•Don't grab the bartender to get her attention

•Flirting just to get drinks will ultimately backfire

•Bar glasses aren't trash cans for gum or old cigarettes

•Don't fall asleep on the bar

•Know your limits and be safe

Remember, as long as you’re respectful, smile and have a good time at a bar, the bartenders will always be your friends.

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