Tomboys: When and When Not to Tuck in Your Shirt. Pay Attention

It's up for debate.
By: Lianna Carrera
July 16 2014 9:23 PM

Hey Tomboys,

The other day I was wearing a shirt and I thought, "To tuck or not to tuck?" It's simple enough when your dress shirt has "tails" that tail you it's meant to be tucked in (see what I did there). There's also the fast rule that if the shirt has a flat seam at the bottom, it's meant to be worn untucked.

But what about all the tops inbetween? I turned to the Art of Manliness Blog (read: helpful as well to MOCs, or masculine of center womyn) for a quick guide, reposted below, of course with additional SheWired commentary:

When or When Not to Tuck a Shirt:

If your shirt doesn’t have visible tails, there’s more leeway on whether you should leave it tucked or untucked:


"These can always be tucked, and absolutely should be if there’s any chance of them poking out from beneath your other layers. For best results, tuck undershirts into underwear (more on this below)." - Art of Manliness. PS. Lianna speaking: I've also read that a gray undershirt under a dress shirt is better than a white undershirt will blend better, especially if the button up dress shirt is white.


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