WATCH: A Roller Derby Film With A Lesbian Twist: Thanks, Australia

Writers Penny Cavanaugh and Michaela Upton bring us a sports movie full of action, passion and lesbian sex. Need we say more?
By: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
July 28 2014 3:10 PM

A modern-day gay “Romeo and Juliet” is what you should expect from the Australian independent film Star Cross’d Jammers.

Thanks to AfterEllen, SheWired learned about this awesome take on Romeo and Juliet. The film follows two roller derby competitors on rival teams who fall in love. Scarbielle, played by Imogen Hopper and Nobody, played by Kate Logan, fall in love despite their respective teams’ approval, according to AfterEllen.

“As star jammers of opposing roller derby teams that bitterly despise one another, their love parallels the very game they play, and they struggle to hide their relationship and overcome obstacles, including a callous captain who will stop at nothing to win the ‘Battle for Verona’,” reads the film’s about page.

As predicted from a “Romeo and Juliet” spin-off, Nobody is a member of the Montague Magics and Scrabielle is a member of the Capulet Cannons. Obivous hints to inspiration aside, the trailer is packed with action, girl-on-girl lovin’ and a heaping dose of what makes roller derby such and amazing and captivating sport.

Be sure to check out the trailer below and click here to order the film.

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