By: Matty
June 22 2011 5:33 PM

Hi!I'm Matty. My's complicated. Mid 50's, I live w my T-Grl wife to whom I have been legally married for 13 yrs. (S)he just kinda sprang this on me as of late and I'm doing my best to adjust. We are not out due to my wifes' job. We live in "On the Far Side of Nowhere in The Great White North". (ok, that's a bumper sticker up here but it's true!) I really don't like it ('m from Georgia) but we have to stay due to job obligations for a while.  I hope to have some good conversations, find some like minded individuals and just have some light-hearted attunement if that can be at all possible. I have not been able to tell anyone of my Sweetie's change of...heart. Not the kids, not my friends, no one, though he has friends he has told and has a support group in place. HELP!! LOL  This closet is stuffy!!! mmrmrphhphph 

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