By: lalalala
October 16 2011 12:50 PM

Hello everyone! I'm a late bloomer who lives in Oregon.  I'm outdoorsy, as is the town I live in.  I'm a student for a few more weeks, then I'm done for awhile, which I'm very excited about.   Opportunities for lesbian interaction are somewhat limited here, but I do travel out to the city to the Northwest, and I help organize social events here. I've decided that I would like to improve my flirting skills.  Gaining more exposure to lesbian culture and that are my reasons for joining this forum. I'm in online dating but have not found my girl yet.  I've dated here and there.  I've had a terrible, terrible crush on a woman who is not available--it comes back every time I see her, but I have more distractions now, fortunately.  Feel free to chime in with any flirting tips and anything else that's nice.  That's it for now...   

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