By: sweetest taboo
August 14 2011 1:28 AM

hey ladies!going to keep this swift & sweet. keyword sweet : )my name is tracy and i consider myself a resplendent bisexual. i recently just birthed a babe by the name of Sweetest Taboo. A card line for those who live & love boldly. More specifically girl x girl love, guy x guy love, interracial... the sentiments Hallmark forgot about.but i need your help with nourishing our little one.i have a kickstarter set up to help raise funds to bring this idea to life. if you're unfamiliar with how kickstarter works than carry on with the rest of this graph, if you are familiar skip down four sentences. kickstarter is gangster. we have 60 days (now 39) to raise $5000. if i don't meet our goal by september 22, all of my backers get reimbursed and i gets nada. yep, nada. sad anyone who's donated so far: SUPER freaking THANK YOU! actually edit: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,THANK YOU!!! : ) if you haven't yet, all good. i appreciate you even considering it. this is ridiculously cliche to say, but every dollar helps. for real. four quarters pedals me further than we were before. annnnd you get a reward!so anyways, here's the link: to shatter ideology here in my own humble way. feel free to join : )love you & love this.spread the good word.thanks beauties,T. 

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