By: Bayonetta_Beny
July 08 2011 1:18 PM

I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan of the 'Scream' saga, but there are some things that have always gnawed at me that I can't put my finger on!  For example, did anyone notice the connection between the killers and Sidney? I have to say that I found that odd because everyone else around her would die, but not her. Sidney would only be attacked, but not fatally harmed (except in 'Scream 4'). Another thing, what's with the half-brother in 'Scream 3'? Its been established that Maureen Prescott did have flings with various men, but what happened that would make her go that far?(if you've seen 'Scream 3' you'll know what I'm talking about) And finally, "Jill Roberts" from 'Scream 4'; what the fuck was going on in that chick's head?! She claimed that is was not about killing Sidney, it was about becoming her. I didn't buy it for one second. For all I know, that bitch could have gone to therapy!  Let me know what you think. Thanks! :D

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