Lesbro�A New Ken Doll by Hasbro?

Lesbro�A New Ken Doll by Hasbro?

It used to be that lesbians would deem their close and sympathetic male friends "honorary lesbians." Today the new term for straight men (and occasionally gay men) who hang out primarily with lesbians is “lesbro.” According to the Urban Dictionary, lesbro has several meanings -- two that I will discuss here.

1.     A man who has more friendships with lesbians than other women or men. ant. fag hag

2.     A man who befriends lesbians with the intent to seduce them.

These two definitions are really the same thing. Men who have mostly lesbians friends--especially married men--are simply sheltering themselves from their wives’ wrath by having women friends (and, he thinks, readily available sexual partners in a pinch) by claiming that his female friends are sexually unavailable. Well, number one, we all know more than one lesbian who has “fallen off the wagon” or “jumped ship” and fucked a married man, and will again. And two…please! This is like putting a Santa’s hat on a Scorpion, its nature will always surface.

To me, the idea of the lesbro, just like the so-called honorary lesbian, falls into the category of desperate idiocy. Again, it is in straight men’s nature (or at least socialization) to want to get the girl…and by any means necessary.

I do not agree that lesbro is the antonym to fag hag. A fag hag is a totally different species, not in the Scorpion family. Again the Urban Dictionary helps us out: A fag hag is a woman who is generally spoiled by the general delightfulness of gay men, and may scorn straight men for their lack of personality and overall dullness.

While many lesbians can be bright, witty and sexy, let’s face it, straight men are not going to scorn straight women or give up an opportunity for the company of and sex with straight women just because their lesbian friend called and is in a crisis.

Gay men with fag hags often want to be like their straight female friends, look like them or imitate them. Also, most fag hags are proud to claim their title and role. This doesn’t seem to be true of lesbros. Straight men surely don’t want to look like, imitate or be women…and what dude want to reveal to his male friends and family—or coworkers that all this friends are queer women, unless he’s bragging in the locker room how he’s going to bag them.

And, I don’t really think so-called lesbros respect women any more than the average Joe...Perhaps I am cynical but the idea that any straight man is dedicated to lesbians and our cause because he basically “collects” lesbian friends is plain silly if not dangerous. Again, a lesbro is just another Scorpion lying in wait for his prey.

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