Rachel Maddow on Obama's 'Tortured Logic' Over Gay Marriage: Video

Rachel Maddow on Obama's 'Tortured Logic' Over Gay Marriage: Video

Rachel Maddow broke down the “impossibly tortured logic” of the Obama administration on marriage equality, as illustrated by senior White House adviser David Axelrod looking like a “human pretzel” while trying to explain the position Thursday on MSNBC.

In a broader segment about conservatives’ eerie quiet in response to the Proposition 8 decision, Maddow reviewed the presidential stance expressed by “human pretzel” Axelrod, who said, “The president does oppose same-sex marriage but he supports equality for gay and lesbian couples in benefits and other issues.”

Maddow mused, “Got that? So the line from the administration is that Barack Obama does not want gay people to be allowed to be married, but when gay people can be married and other people are trying to take away that right like in California, he doesn’t want the right to be taken away. But, he’s not in favor of that right in the first place. You got it? The president is against gay marriage but he is also against constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage, which means that he’d apparently prefer that gay marriage be banned through flimsier tactical means? That’s the president’s position. Clear as mud. Ripe for criticism much?”

Watch the segment.


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