Top 10 Lesbian Events: Travel and Party Time!

Top 10 Lesbian Events:  Travel and Party Time!

As most lesbians are painfully aware, the boys have many more options when it comes to events and gay-specific travel destinations. But that doesn't mean that the girls have to stay home! These 10 lesbian events give you an excuse to travel to cities that are great getaway destinations any time you go, but even better if you hook up when there is a special event in town. So, get out your calendar and make your plans to have a very lesbian 2009!

10. Olivia and Sweet

No top 10 list of lesbian travel events would be complete without including two options exclusively dedicated to the lesbian market. Thousands of women take advantage of the comfortable, all-lesbian environments that Olivia and Sweet provide to travel and be entertained at worldwide destinations. Olivia has been providing lesbian travel for more than 35 years and 2009 will be a busy year with cruises (Caribbean, Alaska), resort trips (Mexico, Caribbean) and escapes (Barbados, Tahiti, Rhine River, Galapagos, Amazon) planned throughout the year. More Olivia info.

Sweet is new in the lesbian travel market and will offer trips that combine carbon reduction, eco-tourism and volunteer opportunities. They have two trips planned for 2009: Salmon River Idaho rafting trip (Aug. 16-21) and a Western Caribbean cruise, November 8-15, from New Orleans visiting Mexico, Belize and Honduras. More Sweet info.

9. November - The Women’s White Party Week – Miami, Fla.

The main event is for the guys, but the women have their own White Party held at various locations in Miami and South Beach. For 25 years it has attracted women, dressed in white of course, for a combination of AIDS fundraising and dance parties, beach parties and entertainment.

Event info: Women’s White Party

Area info: Miami, Fla.


8. September 19 - Ohio Lesbian Festival – Pataskala, Ohio

While most of the largest lesbian events are on the left and right coasts, girls in the land-locked states are not totally left out. Except for kids nine years of age and younger, this festival has a no-boys-allowed policy. The one-day event is packed with performers, workshops, merchants and even an after hours party.

Event info: Ohio Lesbian Festival

Area info: Cincinnati, Ohio.


7. October 10-19 - Women's Week - Provincetown, Mass.

P-Town is gay to its very roots with lots of gay and gay-friendly lodging options and restaurants. Just about every lesbian comedian on Earth performs here this week and activities include dinners, parties and other entertainment.

Event info: Women’s Week

Area info: Provincetown, Mass.

6. September 8-13 - Womenfest - Key West.

This southern-most lesbian party takes advantage of the abundant sun and water of the tropical paradise and offers clothing-optional pool parties, dances, women-only water excursions plus theater, music, and comedy shows.

Event info: Womenfest

Area info: The Florida Keys

5. June 2-8 - Girls at Gay Days and Girl’s in Wonderland – Orlando, Fla.

These two events run concurrently and are the women’s segment of Orlando Gay Days, which started 19 years ago with gays wearing red shirts at the Disney parks. Today, thousands of men and women still wear red to the parks but the women now have their own host hotels with pool parties, vendor displays, movies and other entertainment.

Event info: Girls at Gay Days and Girls in Wonderland

Area info: Orlando, Fla.


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4. May - Women’s Night - Los Angeles, Calif.

This is one of the premier social and awards nights for lesbians, bisexual women and their partners. The event raises funds to support women’s programs at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, including women's health, legal assistance, domestic violence prevention and education, and cultural programs designed especially for women. Every year the event features a who’s who of lesbian and lesbian-friendly celebrities.

Event info: Women’s Night

Area info: Los Angeles, Calif.

3. May 6-10 - Aqua Girl – Miami, Fla.

This South Florida destination is about as gay friendly as this usually red state gets … it even has its own Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce . Aqua Girl Women's Weekend is an all-girl party weekend that benefits the Aqua Foundation, which promotes equality and visibility of lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered women. The ladies party hardy at concerts, comedy performances, dance parties, pool parties and sports events.

Event info: Aqua Girl

Area info: Miami, Fla


2. May - Single Women’s Weekend – Provincetown, Mass.

As the name suggests this P-town, three-day weekend is targeted to single women. The event is packed with events like speed dating, cocktails, dinners, entertainment, dance parties, wine tasting... all in an atmosphere comfortable for single women.

Event info: Single Women’s Weekend

Area info: Provincetown, Mass.

1. April 1-5 - The Dinah - Palm Springs, Calif.

There is no doubt that Palm Springs during The Dinah is at the top of the lesbian getaway list. Thousands and thousands of girls-who-like-girls descend on this desert community every year to party, sun and enjoy the mega entertainment offerings.

 Event info: Club Skirts The Dinah and Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend

Area info: Palm Springs, Calif.








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