New West Hollywood Lesbian Night Twisted and Live in Photos!

New West Hollywood Lesbian Night Twisted and Live in Photos!

I'll start by saying it's so refreshing to have something new and different in West Hollywood, instead of the tired old regular girls' nights where everyone is wasted. I covered this event before it happened - and then I attended--and now I'm coming back at you with photos and a little recap of what happened the fateful night that Twisted and Live took over Here Bar in West Hollywood.

I didn't win my dodge ball game - causing me to be crestfallen - but I was then able to drink cheap drinks ($2 liquor and beer specials), dance my butt off and see the stunning Amber D walk around interviewing everyone (I'm pretty sure there is an interview floating around somewhere of me). There were hot girls everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. At one point during the Ninja Betty and The Nunchix set (which was amazing) I looked up and didn't see a girl who wasn't totally hot anywhere. ANYWHERE.

I think this new night is going to be a refreshing addition to the West Hollywood scene, not to mention the fact that they are all wrapped up in gay rights, which I can never say is a bad thing. With some of the proceeds of Aug 30th's event going to The Trevor Project, it's like you have to go.

Below are some photos to show you how fun the event actually was. Hopefully soon there will be the YouTube video that the ladies are doing every month as a webisode dedication to the event, and you can watch even more about this creative, fiery night.

I'm seriously all about everything these girls are doing; I don't know why you wouldn't be. Charity? Hot Lesbians? Good Music? Cheap Drinks? Fun? Perfect Night? Yes.

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