Watch: New Hampshire Non-Profit Empowers Girls with Power Tools

Girls At Work aims to empower at-risk girls by getting power tools into their hands.
By: Sunnivie Brydum
December 05 2012 5:53 PM

For many young girls, using a drill press, electric sander, or branding iron isn't usually among their skill-set. But one New Hampshire non-profit is aimed at changing that, empowering at-risk girls by putting power tools in their hands and teaching them the basics of construction, spacial reasoning, and perseverance. 

Girls at Work, based in Kingston, NH, was founded by Elaine Hamel, a general contractor who grew up the only girl among six siblings, and encountered her fair share of skepticism bout her ability to be a general contractor and a woman. 

"Everything about a power tool says 'no' to a girl," says Hamel. "It says 'power,' it says 'capable,' it says 'big and strong and men.' So you take this little girl that's been abused or neglected or abandoned and you take a power tool and you put that in her hands. So now what happens?"

Find out what happens in the video below. Here's a hint: Electricity isn't the only type of power these girls get their hands on.

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