WATCH: New Zealand's First Lesbian Wedding in the Sky

What's more romantic than a lesbian wedding 30,000 feet above sea level?
By: Sunnivie Brydum
August 22 2013 3:51 PM

While hundreds of same-sex couples have married since New Zealand's marriage equality law took effect Monday, there was just one couple who sealed their union at 30,000 feet above ground on the first day it was legal. 

Lynley Bendall and Ally Wanikau won a contest sponsored by Air New Zealand to become one of the first same-sex couples married in New Zealand — on board a flight from Queenstown to Auckland. The couple, who have been together for 13 years and have three children, exchanged vows in midair among friends, family, out married actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and one intrepid Advocate editor.
Now everyone can take part in the touching ceremony through a video produced by Air New Zealand that documents the ceremony. Meet the newlyweds below, and get a firsthand glimpse of what equality feels like at cruising altitude from the Advocate's commentary editor, who was on board the historic flight. 

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