WATCH: Jane Lynch Reveals 'Big Lesbo Crush' on Olivia Newton-John

Lynch told Conan O'Brien that her feelings for the 'Grease' star first made her realize that she was a lesbian.
By: Daniel Reynolds
September 25 2013 1:50 PM

Jane Lynch revealed she had a “big lesbo crush” for Olivia Newton-John last night on Conan.

Lynch, who recently shared the Primetime Emmy Awards stage with host Conan O’Brien, talked about how excited she was that the Grease star had appeared on an episode of Glee, the musical Fox series on which Lynch plays the role of Sue Sylvester.

“Growing up in the ‘70s, she was ‘it’ for me,” Lynch said. “‘I Honestly Love You’? I would weep to that song on the radio.”

“I had a big lesbo crush on her,” she said, adding, “and I named my dog after her.”

The red-haired host asked Lynch if she had understood the significance of her girlhood crush.

“At the time, I didn’t,” the 53-year-old actor admitted. “But I was starting to understand. In fact, it was Olivia Newton John, my crush for her, that kind of put me over the top, if you will.”

Watch the video below.

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