PHOTOS: Who Wants to See Cats in Costume for National Cat Day?

Here are some cats in costume for National Cat Day!
By: SheWired Editors
October 29 2013 7:21 PM

It's National Cat Day, and it's Halloween week! What better way is there to celebrate than with photos of cats in costumes? Well, it could have been better if we had found pictures of costumed lesbian cat owners posing with their cats, but that would have taken some planning, and we fully admit that we just found out about National Cat Day today. Mea Culpa! Here are cats in costumes culled from various animal shelter fundraising events. 

WARNING: Do not try dressing your cat at home. It could prove to be dangerous, as these owners perhaps discovered. Also, the photos may induce excessive punning.


The Wizard of Paws 

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