WATCH: Tegan and Sara Sing for P!nk - Confess Sexual Fantasies About Her

Sara Quinn reveals she's got some pretty saucy sexual fantasies about P!nk!
By: Tracy E. Gilchrist
January 21 2014 6:05 PM

It’s nice to know that celebrities have unreasonable fantasies about other celebrities just like regular people do (or at least like we do)! Tegan and Sara performed “Just Like a Pill” for P!nk at the Billboard Music Awards back in December and Sara pretty much delivered a full-on fan girl  love letter to P!nk prior to performing the song.

Sara confesses P!nk that the “Just Like a Pill” video made her question a few of her sexual fantasies. “I know you’re not gay…yet,” Sara says to P!nk, who tosses her head back in laughter. 

Watch Tegan and Sara perform P!nk for P!nk! 

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