Russian Pop duo t.a.T.u,Famous for Schoolgirl Uniforms and Lesbian Imagery, to Play Sochi Opening Ceremony

This is the headscratcher of the day!
By: SheWired Editors
February 04 2014 6:08 PM

Back in the early 2000s the Russian pop duo t.a.T.u made a huge splash in the pop world, donning schoolgirl uniforms and putting on a lesbian shtick for the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. Now, that very same duo, comprised of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, is set to play at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, despite Russia’s “gay propaganda” law. We’re guessing they’ll leave the schoolgirl unis behind and refrain from making out with each other on camera as they’ve done so many times before.

T.a.T.u will perform at the warm-up show that is not internationally broadcast, according to The Wall Street Journal. But the choice is inspired, especially for a group that made a name for itself by invoking lesbian imagery as in its 2003 video for “All the Things She Said.” The Russian Olympic team will enter the venue to the tune of t.a.T.u’s “Not Gonna Get Us,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Sochi opening ceremony will tell Russia’s history from ancient times through to the Soviet era, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Here’s the duo’s infamous MTV Music Awards performance of the song that will play as Russia's athletes enter the venue. 

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