Barbara Walters Says 'Bruno' Could Create Homophobia

Barbara Walters Says 'Bruno' Could Create Homophobia

The View’s doyenne Barbara Walters claimed on Tuesday’s show that Sacha Baron Cohen’s button-pushing Bruno could make a non-homophobe homophobic. Furthermore, Walters went on a rant, as she’s not a fan of close-ups of penises, pubic hair or anal intercourse. Can she say all that on network television?

Anyway, Walters went on a tear about Bruno, an at-times hilarious, if not troublesome satire that exposes peoples’ homophobia by immersing the viewer in over-the-top depictions of gay sex, implied BDSM, swingers parties and more.

“I think this could make people – if you’re not homophobic, it could make you,” Walters ranted on the show. “I don’t need to know how you’re doing anal intercourse…”

During Walters’ rant co-host Sherri Shepherd just kept repeating “wow.”

Gay and Lesbian advocate, who marched against Prop. 8 last November, Whoopi Goldberg, tried to lighten up the moment referring to Bruno’s full frontal nudity, “A 12-foot penis on the screen is not my idea of a good time.” For more laughs she said, “In the house, yes.” Shepherd weighed in on that and joked “and even then…”

Touché Sherri Shepherd!

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