Marquette University Happily Defends Its Bigotry

Marquette University Happily Defends Its Bigotry

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Marquette University, a Jesuit university, offered and then rescinded an opportunity to OPENLY lesbian faculty member Jodi O'Brien to become dean of its College of Arts and Science. The University is looking for a dean who is not only academically competent but also represents -- get this -- "Our Catholic identity," whatever that may be these days. Apparently O'Brien's published writings opposed Church teachings on sexuality.

The university said in a statement that it had made some "oversights" in its search process, which actually seems right on par for a Catholic institution, given the never-ending scandal involving pedophilic priests.

The professor expressed her disappointment in a recent email to the AP. "At this time the only comment I can offer is to confirm that I was offered the position of Dean and I accepted it, but there was an intercession by the President before my appointment was announced officially," O'Brien wrote. "I'm very disappointed. The College of A&S at Marquette is strong and vibrant and I was looking forward to working with the students and faculty there."

Several faculty members and students protested the decision by the University to rescind the offer. Another out lesbian professor at the school, Nancy E. Snow said, "I think it's all about her sexual orientation" also adding rescinding the offer was "a public disgrace and embarrassment".


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