Sexy Sarah Shahi Pregnant with her First Baby!

Sexy Sarah Shahi Pregnant with her First Baby!

Looks like we'll be missing a little bit of the sexy siren Sarah Shahi's facetime on the small screen. The stunning co-star of NBC's Life is expecting her first child. 

Unfortunatley for her fans, this blessing for Shahi will mean a little less of her tough-girl cop as Det. Dani Reese in the weekly drama.  According to E! Online, the pregnancy will only affect the series story line mildly, as producers alrrady planned to seperate Reese from her partner, Det. Crews played by Brit actor, Damian Lewis.

Rand Ravich explained, "We wanted to diverge their stories somewhat, to separate them geographically to make them start doubting each other, tear them apart somewhat. And then hopefully, if they can work it out, [we can] bring them back together in a stronger fashion."



So, viewers can still expect some smokin' Sarah Shahi on the screen, albeit shot from some strategic close-ups for a while.

And, Shahi is rumored to be returning to the ladies of the L Word when she appears in the series finale as 'Carmen'.



Check out some steamy Sharmen action below, to refresh your memory...


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