Lindsay Lohan In Late-Night Scuffle with GOP Staffer

The troubled starlet called police alleging that a GOP staffer with whom she was partying in New York tried to strangle her after she discovered pictures of herself on his cell phone.
By: Sunnivie Brydum
October 01 2012 2:11 PM

Just in case you hadn't heard enough about one-time-bisexual Lindsay Lohan's non-stop descent into drug-addled irrelevance, the child-star has a doozy for us. Over the weekend, Lohan claims a a GOP staffer tried to strangle her after the two got into an altercation over photos of Lohan on the staffer's phone in New York City.

The New York Daily News (a bastion of journalistic integrity in itself) reports that Lohan called the police alleging that Christian LaBella tried to choke her as the two raced around the W Hotel Union Square at 4 a.m. Sunday after Lohan discovered LaBella had been taking photos of her throughout the night and emailing them to friends.

Police originally charged Labella with assault, but quickly dropped that charge. LaBella and Lohan have filed harassment claims against one another, which could be heard in civil court. LaBella works for Illinois Republican Rep. John Shimkus, whose office told Politico "obviously, the congressman does not support [LaBella's] actions."

The Big Apple hasn't been kind to the Mean Girls star, as just last month Lohan was arrested for leaving the scene of a minor accident — where Lohan allegedly ran her car into a pedestrian, who was hospitalized for a knee injury related to the accident.

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