Watch: Wanda Sykes Has A Message For Undecided Voters (a.k.a Women)

In the latest episode of Logo's election special NewNowNext Vote with Wanda Sykes, the out comic warns undecided voters that they can't sit this election out, lest they risk a Snidley Whiplash-style villain "tying you down to an ultrasound table."
By: Sunnivie Brydum
November 05 2012 5:12 PM

In tonight's episode of her election special on Logo, out comic Wanda Sykes has a message for the still-undecided voters, or as she calls them, "women." 

"If you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, straight, black, hispanic, white, republican, democrat — yes, Madonna, I'm talking to you — you can't sit out this race," Sykes urges on NewNowNext Vote with Wanda Sykes. "Don't bitch and whine later when a villain in a black mustache is tying you down to an ultrasound table."

After identifying herself as a "gay black woman with a French wife and white kids," Sykes says she's over pretending to be impartial. "I'm gonna be me," she says. "I'm voting for Obama." 

For those readers living in one of the four states booting on marriage equality, check out this sneak peek for Sykes' breakdown on how to vote on marriage bills in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. 

NewNowNext Vote with Wanda Sykes airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. Eastern, 9:30 p.m. central on Logo.

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