Nebraska Lesbian Claims Antigay Attack Was Real

In a new video, a lesbian woman in Nebraska claims that she was indeed brutally attacked by three masked men, despite police allegations that she inflicted the wounds upon herself.
By: Sunnivie Brydum
November 15 2012 2:43 PM

A lesbian in Lincoln, Nebraska who claims she was the victim of a horrific antigay attack that left homophobic slurs carved into her skin is sticking by her story, even after police arrested the woman in August for falsifying a report. 

In a new video posted on YouTube, the alleged victim, former University of Nebraska basketball player Charlie Rogers, an out lesbian, said that she did not fabricate the story, and that police have painted her as mentally ill, trying her in the court of public opinion rather than conducting a full investigation.

"The perpetrators of my crime are still out there. They are," said Rogers in the 15-minute video. "It wasn't me. I wouldn't say I did it then, and I won't say I did it now. I am innocent."

Both Rogers and prosecutors expect the case to go to trial, the Associated Press reports.  

Rogers, 34, told police in July that three masked men broke into her home and attacked her, scrawling they word "dyke" into her arms and stomach and set her house on fire. 

In August, Lincoln police arrested Rogers after inconsistencies in her story and DNA results led a judge to issue a warrant for falsifying a report.

Watch Rogers speak out below. 



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