Superbowl Sunday: from Lingerie Bowl to Puppy Bowl to Kick Off to Madonna's Half-Time Show!

By now, most of you, even if you aren't a football fan as am I (R.I.P. my beloved Green Bay Packers), have begun making plans to watch NFL Super Bowl XLVI, set to air on NBC, 6:00pm EST on February 5th. From the lingerie to the puppy bowl to Kelly Clarkson and Madonna there's plenty for the lesbian ladies to love.
By: Tammy Austin
January 30 2012 2:59 PM

By now, most of you, even if you aren't a football fan as am I (R.I.P. my beloved Green Bay Packers), have begun making plans to watch NFL Super Bowl XLVI, set to air on NBC, 6:00pm EST on February 5th. 

But don't forget that other Super Bowl Sunday entertainment also begins that day as early as 1:00pm – long before the New York Giant / New England Patriot shootout. That's when MTV hosts Lingerie Bowl #9, broad – no pun intended – casted live from the Orleans Bowl and hosted by Tim Tebow. No, he's not the host. I sincerely apologize for that, and furthermore, let it be the last Timmy reference for a long, long time.

Seriously though, we know what the Lingerie Bowl entails, but give these women props - they're hot, athletic, and besides, a little pre-Super Bowl T & A never hurt anyone, or did it? 

Then at 3:00pm Animal Planet presents Puppy Bowl VIII. Not only is this game ridiculously adorable, for party hosts it's a good time to invite your friends over and get them settled in. Let them get the incessant talking and catching up out of their system. That way all that's left during the actual Super Bowl will be the shouting, armchair quarterbacking, and arterial torture. Note: Minus alcohol the average Super Bowl partygoer consumes 1,200 calories during the game. Ah, gluttony at it's finest!

Before you know it, 6:30pm will have arrived and kick off will commence, leaving the rest of the evening to indulgence, cheering, highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials (which by the way, cost $3.5 million dollars for every 30 seconds of advertisement), Kelly Clarkson blowing the doors off the joint with The National Anthem and half-time entertainment by her majesty, Madonna. For some reason, there have been overwhelmingly negative comments in regard to the Material Girl's scheduled performance, criticizing her age, relevance and ability, but in all fairness, Madonna, at the age of 53, is in better shape than most of the wide receivers we'll be watching that Sunday. Don't expect anything "shocking" (i.e. same sex kisses or simulated masturbation) in her Cirque du Soleil themed act, rumored to be enhanced by current talents Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee Lo, and LMFAO),  but don't count her out, either. Thankfully Madonna's lost the fake English accent and returned to her American roots. She's also fresh off a Golden Globes Award, and has something to prove to an estimated half-time audience of over 100 million. Bottom line... Madge is one hell of a performer, and I for one, can't wait to see her.

For the Gamblers...

Lingerie Bowl Favorite:

Are you kidding?!? No grenades here. Everyone wins in a game of pure eye candy.

Puppy Bowl Favorite: 

My two Chihuahua's (Rudy and Sailor) tell me the Puppy Bowl MVP is sure to be "Abilene." I'd take their word - they come from a long line of Mexican bookies. Check out photos of the starting lineup here.

Super Bowl Favorite:

The New England Patriots are three-point favorites and Tom Brady has the opportunity to join elite quarterbacks Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as having won four Super Bowls - a huge motivational factor - but the severity of Pats’ Tight End Rob Gronkowski's high ankle sprain could very well make this game a lot closer than originally thought. The 2012 never-say-die New York Giants will give the Patriots a run for their money, and then some. Nevertheless, I'm not betting against Brady's bunch, even if Tom has looked a little tired since marrying Gisele.

For the Drinkers:

Drunk driving arrests increase dramatically on Super Bowl Sunday. Play it safe and be careful.

For the Regretful:

FDA approved hangover remedy "Blowfish" and Non-FDA approved hangover remedy "Hangunder" sell for around $10.00 a box. Because we've all been there...

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